Spending Form

General Guidelines regarding Group/Club Purchases, and How to Request:

1. Please note: this form cannot be saved in process, and you will have to re-submit it if it is denied due to lack of information. 

2. Due to District policy, no student reimbursements will be processed.

3. All purchases must be approved in advance.

4. All approved purchases must be made either using the Student Development Office credit card, or via supplier check issued by the District Accounts Payable Office.

5. The Student Development credit card can only be used for purchases that are under $500.  Any orders that exceed $500 must go through the District requisition/purchase order purchasing process. Approved credit card usage is only allowed via phone or online order, with approved suppliers, such as Office Depot. Only approved Student Development Office Staff are authorized to use the credit card, and credit card usage is dependent upon credit card balance availability.  Due to the various steps in the spending approval process, you should submit this form at least 5 business days prior to your requested credit card use appointment.

6. If your spending request is over $500, you must e-mail us an invoice from the supplier, for payment processing via a check to be issued directly to the supplier by the District Accounts Payable Office.  Submit these requests at least 10 business days before you need the check.

7. If an event is connected with this purchase, you must submit this form within 24 hours of the Event Planning Form.

8. Prior to submission, you should contact the supplier directly to find out their advance order deadlines.

9. If items will be shipped, submit this form at least 10 business days in advance, or more, to allow for processing and shipping delays. You should contact the supplier to find out what the standard processing and shipping times are.


1. Once your Club has held an official meeting to vote on spending money, the Treasurer or President may submit this form.

2. Student Development staff will verify the information and e-mail your Adviser for approval.

3. In order to use the Student Development Credit Card, and once Adviser approval is received by the Student Development office, we will contact you to schedule an appointment to use the credit card in SSC 210. Purchases must be made via phone, or online, and receipts must be submitted within 2 business days of purchase.

4. After purchase is made, complete the Transaction Envelope provided by the Student Development Office. You will be notified when any shipped items have been delivered to the Student Development Office.

5. Track transaction on your club's account tracking form in your Dropbox.