Past Recognized Clubs

Below is a directory that lists all Student Clubs that are or have previously been active at Saddleback College. 

Achievers Club

Mission: To socialize, provide community service and awareness, solve problems and learn about the disabilities of others.


Mission: To assist Chicanos and Latinos in removing educational barriers, in the form of community outreach, undocumented/AB540 student support, campus resources, increased transfer rate and mentorship.

Accounting Society Club

Mission: To encourage and reward students for academic excellence in the area of accounting and to provide professional guidance and affiliation for those students wishing to pursue a career in the accounting profession.

Accounting Honor Society (AHS)

Mission: To encourage and reward students for academic excellence in the area of accounting and to provide professional guidance and affiliation for those students wishing to pursue a career in the accounting profession.

Afghan Club

Mission: To inform students of Afghan culture while providing support and friendship to those in our club.

Age of Chivalry Club

Mission: To explore the history through medieval and renaissance arts, sciences, warfare, and culture of Western Europe.

Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society (AGS)

Mission: To promote and recognize academic achievement and scholarship among students of Saddleback College.

American Red Cross

Mission: To help promote Red Cross programs and services that are available to the school and community.

American Sign Language Club

Mission: To teach students sign language.

American String Teachers Association

Mission: To promote a greater interest and participation in string playing at the Elementary, Junior High, High School and Collegiate levels. To promote the highest standards in string playing, teaching, and string teacher education. To provide additional opportunities for community involvement in string playing. To serve as a coordinating agency for the activities and interests of this group.

Amnesty International Club

Mission: Is an independent, worldwide movement working impartially for the release of prisoners of conscience- those people detained because of their beliefs, race, sex, ethnic origin, language or religion- who have neither used nor advocated violence.

Animal Rights Club

Mission: To raise awareness about animal abuses and how it affects the environment and us as humans.

Anime Club

Mission: To promote a broader interest in Japanese Animation (Anime) and related topics by offering regular on campus screenings.

Anthropology Club

Mission: To teach, promote, and extend the ideas and events related to the professional development of students at Saddleback College, and to promote field knowledge.

Another Music Club

Mission: To bring together musicians who aspire to perform in bands that have the intention of using Japanese language and style in their music, as well as provide a supportive environment of learning and growth in both the area of music and the Japanese language.

Appreciation of Pilipino American Culture (APAC) Club

Mission: APAC is dedicated to providing a warm, social atmosphere for the betterment of knowledge of Filipino culture and traditions. Through our volunteer opportunities, we strive to empower our members with the chance to give back and serve their communities. We hope through these activities and gatherings to foster whiten each other a better sense of kinship, not only as friends, but as a loving family.

Arabic Club

Mission: To educate students about the Arabic Language and culture by providing an environment that supports learning and understanding.

Architecture Club

Mission: To provide a forum for students to communicate and exchange ideas about architecture with other students and professionals.

Art Gallery Club

Mission: To promote and encourage interest in the Saddleback Art Gallery. To provide assistance and support in Art Gallery activities and projects.

Asian Club

Mission: To help and support Asian Students at Saddleback College and to share cultural experiences. 

Astronomy and Physics Club

Mission: To bring people together with a common interest, promote education, observe the night sky, and share knowledge. The club actively seeks new members with all levels of experience from beginner to professionals.

Avalon Club/International Club

Mission: To come together to promote diversity, unity, and self-sufficiency within our multi-cultural society. Also, promoting non-violent understanding and religious tolerance for all. To serve students who have come to Saddleback College from overseas and domestic students who want to become more involved citizens of the world.

Baha’i Club

Mission: To acquaint those interested with the tenets of the Baha’i Faith, by sponsoring such things as lectures, discussions, informal gatherings, social activities, and public meetings. This association shall not endorse any partisan or political group, on a campus level or otherwise.

Best Buddies Club

Mission: To provide an opportunity for socialization and employment for people who are intellectually disabled. We do this at the college level by matching college student volunteers in one-to-one friendships with people who are intellectually disabled.

The Bible Club

Mission: To inform students about basic Christian theology and engage in an open discussion. “That their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and the knowledge of God’s mystery, which is Christ, in whom are hidden all the measures of wisdom and knowledge. I say this in order that no one may delude you with plausible arguments.” -Colossians 2:2-4

Billiards Club

Mission: To improve billiards skills and promote school spirit.

Biology & Biochemistry Club

Mission: To pursue various aspects of the biological sciences in regards to the community, academia, careers, and conversation.

Black Student Union

Mission: To promote a sense of unity, culture, and education amongst Saddleback students, especially those of Black or African descent. We aim to stimulate the intellectual, political, cultural, and social growth of all students through numerous different activities, programs, and fundraisers. Black Student Union is here to encourage success and self-worth for all students as well as provide and promote leadership opportunities, diversity, and friendship amongst all people in our community.

Blankets 4 Kids Club

Mission: To help children in need and to get the community involved.


Book Club

Mission: To read diverse books and enhance the ability of debating and discussing what we like and dislike in a respectful manner.

Buddhists for World Peace Club

Mission: To build a network of friendship and trust within the community, including Saddleback College faculty and staff. To encourage and support Saddleback College students to be a positive influence in their communities for world peace.

Business Club

Mission: To provide Saddleback College students with the opportunity to get valuable, hands-on experience with starting and maintaining a business, and provide a medium for established entrepreneurs and business owners to speak to students about their experiences.


California Nursing Students’ Association (CNSA)

Mission: To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality of health care. To provide programs representative of fundamental interests and concerns to nursing students. To aid in the development of the whole person, including his/her professional role, his/her responsibility for health care of people in all walks of life.

Catholic Club

Mission: To unite Catholics all across campus to become actively involved in living out our faith, helping each other grow in faith, and to become closer to Christ. Together, we can make a difference amongst ourselves and across campus.

Chemistry Club

Mission: To stimulate members intellectually with chemistry, biology, mathematics and other science/engineering problems; To help students improve their chemistry problem solving strategies; to present and discuss topics not included in our texts or classes so that students will have a much more profound understanding of chemistry and the usage of chemistry in other sciences.

Chess Titans Club

Mission: To develop analytical skills and an appreciation for chess history. the association will hold meeting on a bi weekly basis. The primary purpose will be to arrange games among members. Instruction for beginners on how to play and improve their analytical skills will be provided. Participation in matches with other schools or in organized tournaments will also be a consideration.

Christian Students Club

Mission: To promote and facilitate Christian fellowship, particularly utilizing eManna, a world-wide Christian Bible study/devotional service delivered daily via electronic mail.

Christian Science Organization

Mission: To encourage and help Christian Scientists and other interested students and faculty at Saddleback College to love God, and to apply the teachings of Christian Science to their academic pursuits and personal relationships, for the benefit of themselves and the college community.

Circle K International Club

Mission: Provide service to the community and to campus; to provide the opportunity for leadership training through service.

Collaborative Arts Club

Mission: The purpose of the Collaborative Arts Club is to create multi-media projects, table read new screenplays and plays, start an outreach program for the community, continue training with artists and organize events to benefit the students of the Theatre Arts, Cinema Television Radio, Dance, Art, Music, and Forensics Departments and develop a networking website that supports artists of all backgrounds.

Collaborative Music Club

Mission: Provide an opportunity for students to express creativity through music, collaborative activities, and writing exercises. We want to create a sense of community for those who want to get more out of their college experience.

College Democrats Club


College Republicans Club

Mission: To spread the word of the Republican party and encourage voting among college students.To spread the word of the Republican party and encourage voting among college students.

Comedy Club

Mission: A friendly group for people who enjoy comedy to interact with one another and to give back to the community through creative entertainment.

Communication Studies Club

Mission: To help advance each student member’s knowledge and practice of human communication.

Saddleback’s Computer Science Society

Mission: To strengthen networking and collaborations amongst computer science students. To provide members with opportunities to participate in group projects, competitions, and study sessions. To assist members with Computer Science related projects, articles, resumes, cover letters, and internship applications. To inform members of current opportunities in education and the industry. To host informative seminars on special topics in Computer Science; special topics defined as specialized fields in industry.

Culinary Club

Mission: To Create a campus wide appreciation for all things food (and drink). We strive to achieve this by organizing a variety of activities that explore food culture. This may include, but is not limited to, cooking lessons, food and drink tasting (ex: chocolate tasting), guest speakers, in-house competitions, and restaurant tours.

Cultural Exchange Club

Mission: Share ideas between the students of Saddleback College about culture. Share meals and habits between students from different cultures. Have singing parties to share songs from various cultures. Present poems and movies from other cultures. Talk about past cultures(Pharaohs, Aztec, etc.). Share basic language lessons. Host student led presentations about their own culture.

Dana Point Conservation Group

Mission: To make students aware of the coastal development plans in our community. To present ourselves to city official, planners, and developers and learn of the importance of ecological awareness, and voice our concerns.

The Dance Collective

Mission: To promote dance production and dance activities on campus and in the community. Dancers will have the opportunity to experience choreographing, costuming, lighting, staging, and performing dance, and teaching dance.

Diabetic Club

Mission: To help the Saddleback College students and community to learn about diabetes.

Eastern Arts Club

Mission: To assist in the development of Aikido, Yoga, and Tai Chi Ch’uan to interested students of Saddleback College. 

Electronic Music Club

Mission: To generate and sponsor electronic music events on campus and in the community.

Entrepreneurial Business Club

Mission: To develop a community to expand contacts and opportunities to grow towards our goals of business and career development. We want to provide opportunity for broadening relationships with like-minded peers, career exploration, and enhancing our network in prospective job markets.

Engineering Club

Mission: To provide a means for effective student participation in the field of engineering by way of cooperative studying and organized activities. The students will have opportunities to learn and create bonds with both the student body and the community.

Saddleback Entertainment Artist’s Alliance (SEAA)

Mission: To rekindle the Saddleback student population’s interest in the performing arts.

Economics Club

Mission: To provide an opportunity for students of Saddleback to engage in intelligent, well-informed and hypothetical problem-solving discussions about current and past economic policies and events in order to increase political and economic awareness to foster a new generation of open minded yet experienced voters and business owners/employees.

Environmental Awareness Club

Mission: To further understand the environment and our place in it; to be actively involved in improving the natural environment and to learn how to lessen our negative impacts; and to educate others.

E-Sports Club

Mission: To provide an opportunity for students of Saddleback College to come together with a shared interest in video game culture. This club will help students form a healthy offline and online community alliance. This club will open an outlet to competitive collegiate e-Sports organization for Saddleback College students.

Extreme Sports & Ping Pong Club

Mission: To allow students with similar interests in the field of sports that are not conventionally played or watched to join together and participate in cooperative activities, in addition to playing Ping Pong.

Fabrication, Design, & Manufacturing (FDM) Club

Mission: To Provide the creative individual and synergistic environment to learn and share knowledge about current technology’s concerning product design, fabrication and manufacturing and apply this knowledge to actual product development and completion.

Fashion and Merchandising Club

Mission: To expand on the information that students receive in the classroom and develop professional qualifications through advanced education courses, seminars and lectures. To serve as a bridge between the professional world and students. To build  a program which will create an atmosphere that encourages students to participate in positions of leadership. To encourage activities that develop the student’s personality, individual talents, and abilities.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Mission: To present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, Serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Film Club

Mission: A collection of students dedicated to the many facets of filmmaking. Structured like a production company, the club provides for student film projects by offering a network of production managers, actors, costume/hair/makeup designers, editors and more.


FOR the Campus

Mission: To share the love of Jesus Christ with Saddleback College.

Free Thinkers Club

Mission: Establishing a positive social environment for Saddleback College students who are Skeptics, Atheists, Agnostics, FreeThinkers, Secularists, and Critical Thinkers. To counter the growth of irrationality and disdain for science and critical thinking. To provide a campus voice on the importance of separation of church and state. Establishing an environment where discourse and discussion will happen freely regarding controversial issues of science, religion, and government. Enriching Saddleback College campus life by sponsoring educational events and fostering student dialogue on matters of reason, science, and belief.

French Club

Mission: To have fun, educate the student body in French culture, and eat croissants.

Future Teachers Club- Saddleback College Student California Teachers Association(SCTA/FTC)

Mission: The Future Teachers Club is a branch of the statewide Student California Teachers Association (SCTA). Our purpose is to create a medium through which Saddleback students can connect & network. We aim at cultivating and applying leadership skills that can be practiced in everyday life.

Garden Designers Club/ Horticulture Club

Mission: To promote the club’s objectives of learning horticulture, gardening, and design. Develop and create opportunities for designing, propagating, learning plants and flowers both native and general species, water, soil, and sustainability issues.

Get Some Business Club

Mission: To bring together and teach individuals the true value of communities, networking and social involvement, while educating them in the benefits of entrepreneurship.

The Saddleback Geography Club

Mission: To encourage student involvement in Geography related activities.

Geology on the Rocks Club

Mission: To educate and encourage students to see explore geology and all it’s many wonders!

Saddleback College German Club

Mission: To afford an opportunity for interested students to study the culture and history of Austria, Germany, and Switzerland and to learn the German.

Global Activists Club

Mission: To provide a community for like minded students who are interested in global issues and creating a better quality of life for people around the globe. We will provide an outlet of information about different causes and issues for members. We will act on issues brought to our attention and inspire activism among the club and our local community.


The Health and Nutrition Club

Mission: To enhance awareness about the link between Health and Nutrition on campus and in the community. This club aims to foster and promote fellowship, co-operation, and a spirit of unity between students and professionals through communication, programs, and events.

Helping Hand Sociology Club

Mission: To Provide a means for responsible and effective student participation in the community. We will be helping the elderly, orphans, and the environment. This club will provide community service hours needed for college.

Hillel - Jewish Student Union of Saddleback College

Mission: Is an organization that celebrates the religious, cultural, educational, and social aspects of the Jewish lifestyle on the college campus.

History Club

Mission: To study history and promote the greater appreciation and understanding of the process and methods of professional historians, and to emphasize the importance of historical inquiry in global life.

Human Services Student Association

Mission: To create unity, fellowship and community involvement among human services students.

Improv Club

Mission: To provide the students of Saddleback College laughs when school just gets to be too much for them. The Saddleback Quipsters shall teach anyone who is willing to learn, the basic fundamentals of how to improv.

Interior Design Club

Mission: To foster and promote fellowship, co-operation, and a spirit of unity between students and professionals of Interior Design. To expand on information given in the classroom through education and activities. To serve as a bridge between the professional world and students.

Investment Club

Mission: To educate students about investing and  teach students how to save money and track their future expenses.

Iranian Culture Club

Mission: To bring together all of the Iranian Students. To represent the culture of the Iranian students on campus.

Irish/Celtic Club

Mission:  Students will learn the history, philosophy, and thought process of the Celtic people throughout the world. Student’s will be encouraged to share this knowledge with other students and will examine various ways to solve the struggle of the Celtic people through peaceful conflict resolution.

Italian Club

Mission: To give interested students of the College the opportunity to further expand their knowledge of the Italian language and culture.

Journalism Club

Mission: To support and promote the free speech and press rights of students as guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. To provide financial support for the marketing and recruiting efforts of the college’s weekly newspaper, the lariat, and the Saddleback magazine.

Keepers of Kulture Club

Mission: We offer social, spiritual, psychological, and philosophical enlightenment to individuals experiencing the suffocation of the industrialized world of today.

Lambda Alpha Delta Club

Mission: To teach, promote, and extend the ideas and events related to the fields of applied, biological, cultural, legal, linguistics, medical, nutritional, political, psychological, urban, and visual anthropology and archaeology.

Latin American Film Club

Mission: To promote education with the use of Latin Cinema. The Latin American Film Club hopes to promote a better understanding of the Latino community, history, culture, traditions, political institutions, health issues, social issues, music, etc. Furthermore, it works with schools and local organizations to promote the awareness and diversity of the Latin culture, in order to function as a retaining system that empowers our youth to pursue higher education.

Latter Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA)

Mission: To Provide the students at Saddleback with information about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The LDSSA club will give the students the opportunity to participate in wholesome activities.

Lebanese Club

Mission: To introduce the Lebanese culture to interested Saddleback College students, staff members, and faculty members. In addition to providing the latest information, facts, and knowledge about Lebanon from it’s founding up till the present.

Legal Assisting Association (LAA)

Mission: To promote, encourage and provide a network of support, communication and education for it’s members and to provide a forum for furthering it’s members professional and educational development.

Lending Love Club

Mission: To be actively involved in the community and volunteer at hospitals for children, senior homes, etc., and be there for people who could appreciate the extra "love lent."

Literary Club

Mission: To provide a forum for students, teachers, and staff to pursue intellectual discourse about contemporary literature, in an environment where all members are treated with equality and integrity and all opinions are respected.

Loyal Activists Club

Mission: To contribute and unify a collegiate organization to the community by implementing volunteers. 

Math Club

Mission: To provide students opportunities which broaden and enrich their participation in the world of mathematics.To stimulate the members intellectually with math and other science problems. To help students to improve their math skills. To discuss ideas not presented in our math classes, assisting us in linking the classes together.

Meditation & Mindfulness Realization Club

Mission: To provide an opportunity for students of Saddleback College to build deeper connections with themselves and fellow students. We will be committed to asking deeper questions regarding our purpose as individuals in society, and seeking spiritual gain in ways that connect us to the deeper aspects of our true nature. This will be achieved through meditation, intellectually stimulating reading, and nourishing conversations. 

Middle Eastern Culture and History (MECH) Club

Mission: To inform people about the Middle East and its rich history and cultures, to answer any and all questions to the best of our ability. We will provide a comfortable forum for discussion for students of all race, age, sex, and creed to comfortably discuss their views and suggestions on particular topics of discussion.

Model United Nations (MUN) Club

Mission: To provide a unique opportunity for members to simultaneously learn about other cultures, the United Nations system, and skills of logical debate, parliamentary procedure and the pursuit of academic interest.

Multicultural Friendship Club

Mission: To provide an environment where students of various cultural backgrounds can develop friendships and support each other in achieving academic, personal and common goals.

Music Movement Club

Mission: To give the love and passion of music to everyone it can reach, through charitable events.


Muslim Student Association

Mission: To foster campus awareness of issues pertaining to Muslims and celebrating their cultures. We hope to share and celebrate diversity within our campus community.

National Organization for Women

Mission: To unify Saddleback College’s feminist population (male and female) in a proactive effort to promote equality for women in all realms of social and political interaction.

The National Society of Leadership and Success

Mission: To be a support group for college students to help them achieve their goals and thus better their lives.

Native American Club

Mission: To educate ourselves and others on the customs and history of the American Indians and to help support the American Indian customs and issues that exist today.

Persian Culture Club

Mission: To bring students of various cultural backgrounds together to promote awareness and understanding of the Persian culture. To teach and represent the Persian culture.

Phi Theta Kappa

Mission: The purpose of the Beta Epsilon Beta Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Saddleback College shall be the promotion of scholarships, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of Saddleback College.

Philanthropy for Women

Mission: We have three main focal points as follows: 1) National and international philanthropy 2) Creating a haven and a sense of solidarity for women on campus 3) Education and outreach: having sources regarding volunteerism, resume building, what professors allow students to bring their children, etc. readily available

Philosophy Club

Mission: To stimulate and encourage the interests and involvement of Saddleback College students in philosophy.

Photography Club

Mission: To allow all photography students to further their skills outside of the classroom. Club meetings will include discussions on current photography news, current projects, digital media, critiques, and much more. This will be a place where we help each other grow as photographers.

Physics Club

Mission: To enhance student interest in physics, host group physics experiments, have hands-on exploration of physics instruments, help students pursue advanced physics studies, and increase community awareness of Saddleback’s physics program.

Poetry Club

Mission: Poetry Club is a student club promoting the reading and enjoyment of poetry.

Political Awareness in Action Club

Mission: To provide an opportunity for students of the Saddleback College to discuss and debate political and governmental activities and events while fostering interest in the political process, awareness of the United States government, and a political activism in the community.

Political Theory Club

Mission: To survey and analyze selected political theorists and concepts. Ancient, classical, medieval, renaissance, and modern political theory will be discussed. The lineage of political concepts such as justice, freedom, power, and property will be traced as they evolve over time.

Polynesian Cultural Arts Club-Tamari’i O’ Le Polynesia Club

Mission: To spread the art of the Polynesian culture through music, and Dance.

Pre-Medical Society

Mission: To educate members about the medical field. To provide networking with experts, internship, and research opportunities to be able to compete in the medical field of their choice.

Pre-Law Club

Mission: To create community for interested law students, and help them develop skills critical for their success in law school.

Pride Alliance

Mission: To provide a safe and welcoming environment as well as support, encouragement, and friendship, amongst all people, regardless of sexual orientation. We hope to inspire and educate others to lead a productive life, regardless of sexual orientation, disabilities, skin color, nationality, or religion.

Progressive Book Club

Mission: To read and discuss progressive, leftist, and/or radical literature as a community.

Progressive Student Union

Mission: To encourage students to be politically active, to decrease apathy, and to educate people on the major issues and conflicts in worldwide politics from a progressive perspective.

Psi Beta & Psychology Club

Mission: To serve as a means of national recognition of students early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and scholastic achievement, to provide opportunities to become acquainted with and involved with the larger field of psychology, to provide a forum for developing one's perspective about psychology and for building a sense of community and identity with others in the field, to enhance leadership skills and encourage research, to provide greater opportunity for student/faculty interactions outside of the classroom, to benefit the campus and community through programs and service.

Queer Trans Coalition Club

Mission: We seek to be of the upmost inclusiveness, rather than exclusive, and to provide students who identify as queer or any other sexual and gender identities, or those who would like to learn more about sexual and gender diversity, with tools and resources to create an empowering educational change within themselves, their circles of influence, and their communities. The Queer Trans Coalition is a safe place for the free flow and exchange of ideas an information.

Reggae Club

Mission: To promote Reggae Music and culture on campus as well as in our community.

Saddleback Robotics Club

Mission: We learn about, build, and program robotics. We are an activity based STEM club.

Salsa Club

Mission: To provide a space for instruction to those who would like to learn how to salsa dance. To introduce the Latin culture through music and dance to its members.

Society of Loyal Activists

Mission: Effectively address, impact, and resolve social needs around our community.

Spanish Club

Mission: To teach Spanish to members through conversation and tutoring and to talk about various Spanish cultures across the world

Sports Medicine Club

Mission: To inform and educate the importance of the sports medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, and other health related fields.

Saddleback Pre-Optometry and Eye Care Society (SPECS)

Mission: To provide interested students with information about potential opportunities and resources in the field of optometry.

Society of Interior Designers

Mission: To educate students about work in the interior design field.

Speech and Debate Club

Mission: To create, maintain and administer a program of intercollegiate forensics in the Pacific Southwest.

Spontaneous Awareness Club

Mission: To help students become aware of their surroundings and to bring students together (members and nonmembers) to stimulate and promote a healthy, happy life.

Stitch-n-Bitch Craft Club

Mission: To come together to promote skill share and craft share with one another.

Stock Market & Investment Club

Mission: To educate students, gather students passionate about business and investments, and overcome challenges together.

Students Aiding Success Transfer Club

Mission: To provide a forum to discuss issues and information that will help students help each other to achieve their academic and transfer goals. To encourage group and individual activities that will help students successfully transfer and add to a successful experience at Saddleback College. To provide and encourage volunteering.

Students for a Free Tibet Club

Mission: To promote community awareness of the crises in Tibet, and to encourage action towards the freedom of Tibet.

Students for Hemp Club

Mission: To educate about, and break the myths, about hemp. To show the benefits of legalization.

Students For Peace Club

Mission: To become involved in the community through Students for peace sponsored college activities, including but not limited to; cultural diversity, victory over violence, and introduction to Buddhism.

Students for the Future of America Club

Mission: To promote traits of integrity, accountability, and personal strength among the student body so as to encourage and help students become more responsible, prepared, and informed citizens of the United States of America.

Student Social Awareness Committee

Mission: To promote a higher level of social awareness on, and off-campus. The club will also focus on providing volunteer opportunities to its members.

Student Leftist Group

Mission: To address and analyze political issues from a leftist perspective. To engage in discussion and debate as well as become active on saddleback campus by raising awareness on urgent political issues.

 Superfriends Club

Mission: To facilitate various social, academic, and service opportunities for Saddleback College students with disabilities. Superfriends aims to promote interaction amongst students with disabilities and those without such labels as a means of fostering a spirit of collegiality and support within the campus community. Superfriends further seeks to mitigate negative perceptions of students with disabilities by offering students with disabilities opportunities to serve and lead within the campus community.

Super Smash Bros. Melee Gaming Club

Mission: Build campus community through Super Smash Bros Melee Gaming tournaments, student support, and fun activities.

Theatre Arts and Communication Arts Multimedia Club

Mission: To create original theatre and multimedia projects, start an outreach program with the community, continue training as artists, and organize fundraisers to benefit the students of the club.

Thespian Club

Mission: To promote activities of the Division of Fine Arts. To support activities of the Theatre Department. To provide a forum for student theatrical activities besides Theatre Department presentations.

Traditional Game Club

Mission: To organize all students who play card games/tabletop games/traditional games into one area, so they can meet other people who share a common interest, thus allowing them to play and make friends.

Travel Club

Mission: To promote the Travel and Tourism Dept. in order to encourage enrollment and general interest in the program. To expose the student body to the variety of opportunities in the travel industry via education, vendor networking, guest speaking, and field trips.

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Mission: To play Ultimate Frisbee and have fun!

V is for Vegan Club

Mission: To promote both vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. To expand the vegan/vegetarian community.

Veterans Club

Mission: To promote camaraderie, professionalism, and education among Veterans and dependents of Veterans. To work with those agencies that serve Veterans so that benefits due are understood and provided according to statute.

Vietnamese Club

Mission: To educate members on Vietnamese culture and history. 

Volunteer Corps

Mission: To create a core of individuals who are able to volunteer within the community, participate in efforts to raise money and support for saddleback Community College, and to help improve the various aspects of our community.

We Speak English Club

Mission: We wish to spread a better understanding of American Culture to our friends while also learning about the vast amount of other cultures and people. This club will focus on Tutoring non-English speakers through conversation.

Weekend Adventure Bound Camping and Hiking Club/Wilderness Adventure Club

Mission: To educate about the benefits of camping, hiking, and overall enjoyment of the outdoors.

Women in Film Club

Mission: To talk about films, both present and past, and how they influence our society. To explore women's roles in the film industry as it grew and became what it is today.

Yoga and Meditation Club

Mission: To promote physical health, mental clarity, tranquility of mind, peace, happiness and compassion on personal and community levels; through non-religious techniques of yoga, meditation, and complementary practices.

Young Americans for Freedom Club

Mission: Promote traditional values.

Youth for Social Action

Mission: This will be used as a meeting ground, discussion forum, and teaching instrument for students interested in the ideals of socialism. Furthermore, the club members will be socially active in the community via demonstrations, boycotts, and community service, to further the ideals of equality.

Zine Club

Mission: A forum for zine publishers to discuss all aspects of amateur publishing; inform students about the zine community and inspire Zine readership and publishing.