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Active Clubs

All Clubs must reactivate every academic school year!

Active Minds Club 


Contact: Frida Gonzalez:

Adviser: Lisa Schenitzki:

Meeting Date & Time: Mondays, 2pm-3pm

Meeting Location: SSC 212

Mission: Active Minds is a student led club dedicated to supporting mental health awareness and education by opening up the conversation about mental health and changing the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued. Our goal is to empower others to speak openly about mental health in order to reduce stigma, encourage help seeking, and prevent suicides.

Alpha Gamma Sigma Club (Faculty Sponsored) 



Adviser: Alannah Rosenberg

Meeting Date & Time: Wed: 3pm, Thurs: 6pm

Meeting Location: Wed: zoom & BGS 328, Thurs: zoom

Mission: The mission of Alpha Gamma Sigma is to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship. Each chapter offers cultural, social, or enrichment experiences as part of the total experience of its members.

Applied Economics Club 

Contact: Joshua Mikus, President:

Adviser: Susan Russell

Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The Applied Economics club strives to educate students on how economic tools & strategies are being used, both currently & historically, to properly allocate resources in the global world. We offer students the opportunity to debate with each other in our club meetings about certain economic tactics being used within the economy. Our goal is that all members who join our club can leave with a stronger overall outlook on economic concepts in the real world.

Astronomy and Physics Club 


Contact: Emma Karlsson, President:

Adviser: Mitch Haeri

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The mission of the Saddleback College Astronomy and Physics Club is to: bring people with a common interest together, promote education, observe the night sky, and share knowledge. The club actively seeks new members with all levels of experience from beginner to professional.

California Nursing Students Association (CNSA) Club



Adviser: Linda Call & Barbara Huggins
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: California Nursing Students' Association is a statewide community advancing the transition of the student to professional nurse through leadership development, education, mentorship, advocacy, activism, and stewardship.

Culinary Club  


Contact: Aashika Doshi, President:

Adviser: Lisa Inlow

Meeting Date & Time: Fridays, 12pm-1pm

Meeting Location: SSC 210B - Conference Room

Mission: Food is fundamental to culture, health, and identity. It has the power to bring people together and that is the primary purpose of this club. We will cook and eat together while learning new skills and striving to eliminate hunger in our community.

Cyber Operations Club


Contact: TBD

Adviser: Jeffery Barnett
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Mission: The mission of the Saddleback Cyber Operations Club (SCOC) is to educate and train Saddleback students in the art and science of computer security. The SCOC will accomplish this mission by holding lectures, discussion, and hands-on training in an environment which will produce effective cybersecurity practitioners. The SCOC will participate in cybersecurity-related activities such as competitions which will demonstrate our skills, capabilities and measure our effectiveness.

Environmental Awareness Club  



Adviser: Erin Miller

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The purpose of this organization is to inspire a growing interest in sustainability, spread environmental awareness on campus, and encourage students to be community and political advocates for the environment. Our mission is to be a part of, not apart from our local and regional community. Through our actions, we will create transformation.

Flying Samaritans Club


Contact: Chloe Foo, President:

Adviser: Sam Abbas

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: The Flying Samaritans of Southern California are an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit student run organization providing free medical care to the under-served small rural community of El Hongo, Mexico. In collaboration with UCR and CSU Fullerton's Flying Samaritans, our clinic provides general check-ups, vitamins, medications, donations, dentistry, and optometry services to the community every month. Our group is an excellent opportunity for pre-health students and volunteers to gain international volunteer experience working with and shadowing doctors, physician assistants, EMTs and other medical professionals.​

Human Services Helpers Heart Club  


Contact: Rachael Farrokh, President:

Adviser: Caroline Paltin

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: To support strong connection of current students and alumni of Saddleback Human Services Department and the College at large by providing activities and opportunities for connection, personal and professional growth, networking and exploration of the field of Human Services.

Interior Design Club  

Contact: Cassandra Jerrems, President:

Adviser: Farida Gabdrakhmanova
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: Our mission statement is to provide an extension of interior design education by providing and enhancing awareness of current design education requirements and industry trends during monthly club meetings for all students. The benefit of this additional learning environment shall provide helpful information for the future interior designer.

Japanese Cultural Enrichment Club 



Adviser: Toshiko Gandoumani
Meeting Date & Time: Mondays, 4-5pm
Meeting Location: SSC 210A 
Mission: The Japanese Cultural Enrichment Club is a student-run organization located on the Saddleback campus, which strives to create a community in which all students can enrich themselves in the culture found within Japan by furthering their knowledge of Japan's rich history, languages, art, and traditions through fun events and social activities. These events and social activities include: basic language learning, holding traditional workshops (those involving ikebana, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and origami), Playing traditional Japanese games (Shogi, Go, and Mahjong), doing presentations on different Japanese literature eras, art history, and exploring Japanese culinary arts, as well as visiting places such as Little Tokyo, Japanese American National Museum, and the OC Japanese Fair. Having any knowledge relating to the Japanese language or related aspects is not required. Our goal is to create a community where every student can enjoy themselves delving into Japanese culture.

Jazz Club  

Contact: Houston Nguyen, President:

Adviser: Joey Sellers
Meeting Date & Time: Mondays @ 3:45pm

Meeting Location: Fine Arts Courtyard
Mission: Our mission is to promote the listening and performance of the American art form of Jazz. The Saddleback Jazz club will host monthly jam sessions, listening parties, and social events with a focus on Jazz music. Whether you are an avid jazz listener, amateur player, gigging professional, or even if you don't know what "Jazz" is, everyone is welcome!

Ladies of the Film & Media Industry (LoFi) Club

Contact: Megan Brittingham, President: 

Adviser: Maria Mayenzet
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: The purpose of LoFi (Ladies of Film and Media Industry) is to provide the platform, tools, and network for female-identifying (& non-binary) students to flourish within their creative industry! LoFi provides workshops, crew calls, networking & job opportunities, and industry experience for Film, TV, Radio, Podcasting, and more. Join today!



Contact: Rouja Rezapour, President: 

Adviser: Sam Abbas
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Mission: Our mission is to build a worldwide Movement empowering the poor in their fight for equal access to healthcare, education, and a safe home. MEDLIFE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that partners with low-income communities in Latin America and Africa to improve their access to medicine, education, and community development projects. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of a world free from the constraints of poverty, we empower students and volunteers to become advocates for change by creating on-campus Chapters, volunteering in Service Learning Trips, and supporting the Moving Mountains giving program. With this support, MEDLIFE hires and trains local staff to provide high quality 24/7/365 patient care, community development projects, and educational workshops to empower communities in need.

Musicians of Saddleback Club 


Contact: Megan Malerie, President:

Adviser: Ariel Alexander
Meeting Date & Time: Thursdays, 1-2pm
Meeting Location: TBD
MissionThe purpose of Musicians of Saddleback is to connect musicians and music lovers of Saddleback through networking events, songwriting sessions, music industry workshops, open mics, album listening parties, performance opportunities, and annual field trips to music events. This organization will connect music majors and students of all professions through music. A goal of this organization is to promote the Music Department at Saddleback, and especially, the Commercial Music Department.

Muslim Student Association Club 

Contact: Jannah Azar, President: 

Adviser: Anwar Hijaz
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: The purpose of the MSA is to facilitate a comfortable and welcoming environment for Muslim students of Saddleback College to foster connections and share in the Muslim American experience. We hope to promote community, awareness, and create opportunities for recreation. Through community and awareness, our goal is to create a space in which all those connected to Saddleback College can engage in safe and open dialogue and represent a community dedicated to supporting each other on individual journeys.

Neurodiversity Union Club 

Contact: Ezra-Ezeekial Green President: 

Adviser: Lisa Macafee
Meeting Date & Time: Fridays, 12-1pm
Meeting Location: BGS 146
Mission: The purpose of this organization is to provide a supportive space for neurodivergent students to meet and be themselves, educate allies on the needs of the neurodivergent community, and advocate for better accessibility in classes and on campus.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (Faculty Sponsored) 



Adviser: Alannah Rosenberg
Meeting Date & Time:
Meeting Location:
Mission: The purpose of Saddleback College Phi Theta Kappa shall be the promotion of scholarship, the development of leadership and service, and the cultivation of fellowship among qualified students of this college.

Pre-Health Society  


Contact: Carli Forsythe, President:

Adviser: Samm Abbas

Meeting Date & Time: Wednesdays, 1:30-2:30pm

Meeting Location: SCI 314

Mission: 1. We will inspire a community of future physicians and health professionals through education and advocacy. 2. We will involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine and healthcare. 3. We will assist in the improvement and understanding of world health problems. 4. We will enrich medicine through diversity by exploring of variety of perspectives.

Pre-Law Society Club 

Contact: Fatima Muniz, President:

Adviser: TBA

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The purpose of this society is to provide the students of Saddleback College with an opportunity to learn about Law through developmental meetings and events. These events include but are not limited to a mock trial, speaker presentations, law school visits, law school admission presentations, civil political debates, and daily law facts.

Psi Beta & Psychology Club 

Contact: Leo Thom Kawile, President:

Adviser: Jennifer Czeriawski
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Zoom:
Mission: Psi Beta + Psychology Club serves students' curiosity, passion, and dedication to the field of psychology by providing opportunities to grow our knowledge about mental health, professional psychology, and the science behind it all. Everyone is welcome at any time of the semester - let's learn together!

Ski & Snowboarding Club 

Contact: Jacob Frailey, President:

Adviser: Todd Mulzet
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club

Solo Español Club 

Contact: Sergio Khachatryan, President:

Adviser: Connie Kihyet
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: The purpose of this organization is to provide students with a needed opportunity to practice Spanish Language. The Club’s main goal is to have all its members use only the Spanish language in the nearest future during meetings and gatherings. Members will come and participate in discussions and small/group talks to practice their fluency in Spanish.

Superfriends Club (Faculty Sponsored)

Contact: Stacy Eldred:

Adviser: Michael Hoggat

Meeting Date & Time: TBD 
Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The purpose of Superfriends is to facilitate various social, academic, and service opportunities for Saddleback College students with disabilities. Superfriends aims to prompt interaction amongst students with disabilities and those without such labels as a means of fostering a spirit of collegiality and support within the campus community. Superfriends further seeks to mitigate negative perceptions of students with disabilities by offering students with disabilities opportunities to serve and lead within the community.

Think Tank Club


Contact: Colby Keces, President:

Adviser: Donna Franks Sayed
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: Think Tank is a student led brainstorming Entrepreneur club with a vision to change the world. Our criteria to join is simple - Are you a Problem Solver? Do you want to make a difference in the world but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to create inventions, products, or programs to solve real problems that impact your community? If you answered yes to any of these questions you are eligible to join! Brainstorm with us now and let's turn these ideas into reality!

Pending Clubs

All Clubs must reactivate every academic school year!

Anthropology Club 

Contact: Alen Pinto, President:

Adviser: Claire Cesaro

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: The purpose of the Saddleback College Anthropology Club is to create a community where those who are interested in Anthropology can learn and connect with others. Our club promotes both the study of the vast range of fields in Anthropology and the pursuit of future careers in Anthropology. We are dedicated to providing a myriad of resources for our members to have access to, we encourage debates and discussions that cover a multitude of different topics and subjects in Anthropology, and we maintain a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for everyone.

Ceramics Club 


Contact: Stacie Wendland, President:

Adviser: Laura Haight

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: This club will provide students with the opportunity for further artistic achievement through discussions about experimentation with various ceramic materials, field trips to museums and local ceramic related facilities, and to build camaraderie with fellow student artists.

Creative Writing Club  

Contact: Kasper Owen:

Adviser: Shellie Ochi

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: The Creative Writing Club is designed as a space for students to practice their craft of creative writing and cultivate a community to share their work with one another.

Democrats Club  


Contact: Anten Stelovich, President:

Adviser: Anthony Szcurek

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: Saddleback College Democratic Club is a community inclusive to students of all identities and backgrounds interested in helping Democrats get elected. We are a club that promotes inclusivity for all students at Saddleback. We will promote an interest in and help students get involved in local issues and politics.

Latter-Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) Club 

Contact: Max Brewer, President: 

Adviser: TBD
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD

Prop and Costuming Club 

Contact: Sara Mohareb, President:

Adviser: Stephen Foster
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: Contact Club
MissionConnecting student artists interested in the crafts of costume, model, and prop making, building their skillsets and knowledge of materials, techniques, and industry standards, while preparing them for careers in film, television, theater, and other industries of 3-D fabrication.

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