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Active Clubs

All Clubs must activate every academic school year!


See you in Fall 2024!
Clubs do not meet over the summer.

Accounting Society (Faculty-Sponsored)


Contact: Adviser

Adviser: Jane Medling:

Meeting Date & Time: Mondays, 6pm

Meeting Location: Zoom - email Prof Medling for Zoom ID and passcode.

Mission: Our mission as an ASG faculty sponsored approved club is to provide an opportunity for Saddleback College students to delve more deeply into the field of accounting, finance, and business. The Accounting Society strives to continuously promote the importance of ethics in the classroom and in the workplace, promote critical thinking for higher level education and higher-level management, nurture leadership and teamwork abilities, offer options for study group or tutoring match-up for accounting principles and concepts, and build a strong networking foundation for future accounting, managerial, and business endeavors.

Active Minds Club 


Contact: Alex Sanchez and Michelle Hedden, Co-Presidents:

Adviser: Lisa Schenitzki:

Meeting Date & Time: Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm

Meeting Location: SSC 210 A (Bobcat Lounge); 2nd Tuesdays - SSC Quad

Mission: Active Minds is a student led club dedicated to supporting mental health awareness and education by opening up the conversation about mental health and changing the way mental health is talked about, cared for, and valued. Our goal is to empower others to speak openly about mental health in order to reduce stigma, encourage help seeking, and prevent suicides.

American Association for University Women (AAUW) Club

Contact: Silu Ma, President:

Advisers: Angela Yang:

Meeting Date & Time: every other Tuesday (beginning 1/23), 12:30-1:30pm

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The purpose of this organization is to empower women of all ages on campus facilitating them to access and improve cultural, professional and leadership skills.

Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Club (Faculty-Sponsored)


Advisers: TBD 

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: The mission of Alpha Gamma Sigma is to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship. Each chapter offers cultural, social, or enrichment experiences as part of the total experience of its members.

Architecture Club

Contact: George Alabou, President:

Adviser: Blake Stephens:

Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club

Meeting Location: Contact Club


Astronomy and Physics Club

Contact: Emma Karlsson, President:

Adviser: Mitch Haeri:

Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: To gaze upon the astronomical wonders of our universe and educate about the importance and wonders of our galaxy

Buddhists for Peace Club

Contact: Mary Ann Sheridan, President:

Adviser: Timothy Braatz:

Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The purpose of the "Buddhists for Peace Club" is to provide an opportunity for students of Saddleback College to engage in peace building discussions and to pursue activities that contribute to the greater community based on an ideal of fostering each students unique creative potential and cultivating an ethic of peace, social contribution, and global consciousness. The members of the club want to participate in activities that other like minded groups are sponsoring on campus as a show of support. We also want to sponsor activities that raise awareness on important topics facing society in general i.e., the threat of nuclear weapons, the negative impact of climate change, the Ukraine war and other global peace initiatives. We will implement the Soka Buddhist community as a primary source of study and inspiration. We can utilize the Soka education exhibitions on peace. Victory over Violence and United Nations partnerships. Our mission statement is a fundamental belief that a transformation within the life of the individual, rather than solely on societal or structural reforms will create lasting change and contribute to world peace. The club will seek to foster an environment that cultivates individuals with a contributive spirit off an on campus.

Chicanx/Latinx Voices Club


Contact: Amanda Herrera, Vice President:

Adviser: Jose Lumbreras:
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Mission: The purpose of this student club is to raise awareness of Chicanx/Latinx experiences. Our main objective is to create and manage a student journal to share stories of parents, friends, relatives, and loved ones. We also plan to create a support network for Chicanx/Latinx to assist with their academic, professional, well-being, and extra curricular activities goals.

Chinese Student Connection


Contact: Yuzheng Zhang:

Adviser: Angela Yang:
Meeting Date & Time: Fridays, 3pm-5pm
Meeting Location: SSC 210B (Conference Room)
Mission: The Chinese Student Club hopes to gather international students so that they can meet more friends during their study abroad life, in the future, through cooperation with other clubs, the sense of participation of international students in school life will be increased. And we will help members integrate into the American social order by organizing social work activities and other means to help them get used American life.

*Circus Arts Club 

Contact: Wyatt Davis, President:

Adviser: Bill McGuire:

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: Our intention is to create a social space which promotes creative and artistic practices including but obviously not limited to, acting, dancing, costuming, clowning, musicality, acrobatics, improv, and crowd work.

Cooking Club: Chopped Edition 

Contact: Emma Kalb, President:

Adviser: Ryan Hitch:

Meeting Date & Time: Mondays, 1:30pm-3:30pm

Meeting Location: Vil - 303

Mission: Food is fundamental to culture, health, and identity. It has the power to bring people together and that is the primary purpose of this club. We will cook and eat together while learning new skills and striving to eliminate hunger in our community.

Cultural and Diversity Social Club


Contact: David Vassetizadeh, President:

Adviser: Angela Yang:
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Mission: Saddleback is a very diverse campus and we aim to combine multiple cultures to create a welcoming social campus. Overall, students who come from different backgrounds and cultures will have a group of people that help them become more acclimated on campus and in America. As a club we will have students who speak a variety of languages who will cultivate a sense of unity between students and staff.

Cyber Operations Club


Contact: Aleksei Sushko, President:

Adviser: Jeffery Barnett:
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Mission: The mission of the Saddleback Cyber Operations Club (SCOC) is to educate and train Saddleback students in the art and science of computer security. The SCOC will accomplish this mission by holding lectures, discussion, and hands-on training in an environment which will produce effective cybersecurity practitioners. The SCOC will participate in cybersecurity-related activities such as competitions which will demonstrate our skills, capabilities and measure our effectiveness.

Environmental Awareness Club  

Contact: Arianna Blandon:

Adviser: Erin Miller:

Meeting Date & Time: Fridays, 11:45pm-12:45pm

Meeting Location: SSC 210 A (Bobcat Lounge)

Mission: The purpose of this organization is to inspire a growing interest in sustainability, spread environmental awareness on campus, and encourage students to be community and political advocates for the environment. Our mission is to be a part of, not apart from our local and regional community. Through our actions, we will create transformation.

Finance Club


Contact: Anthony Vigil:

Adviser: Kolin Williams:
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: The Finance club offers students the opportunities for discussions, members can develop their critical thinking and analytical skills while learning from their peers. The club's mission is to build a personal and professional network that begins at Saddleback and continues after graduation, and to support the organization's members in navigating through the various professional recruitment processes. Our goal is that all members who join our club can leave with more connections and knowledge of the financial industry.

Flying Samaritans Club


Adviser: Sam Abbas:

Meeting Date & Time: every other Wednesday, 4pm-5pm

Meeting Location: SCI 313

Mission: The Flying Samaritans of Southern California are an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit student run organization providing free medical care to the under-served small rural community of El Hongo, Mexico. In collaboration with UCR and CSU Fullerton's Flying Samaritans, our clinic provides general check-ups, vitamins, medications, donations, dentistry, and optometry services to the community every month. Our group is an excellent opportunity for pre-health students and volunteers to gain international volunteer experience working with and shadowing doctors, physician assistants, EMTs and other medical professionals.​

Foreign Crisis Coalition Club

Contact: Blake Davenport, President:

Adviser: Heba Hodaly:

Meeting Date & Time: 1st Monday of each month, 10am

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: The purpose of the Foreign Crisis Coalition is to address and provide unbiased support for victims of escalating foreign crises, particularly the current Israel-Palestine conflict. Moreover, the club is designed to increase awareness among the Saddleback College community and motivate students to contribute to global fundraising efforts.​

Game Design Club  

Contact: Chris Reardon:

Adviser: Alan Foote:

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: The purpose of this organization is to inspire a growing interest in sustainability, spread environmental awareness on campus, and encourage students to be community and political advocates for the environment. Our mission is to be a part of, not apart from our local and regional community. Through our actions, we will create transformation.

Immigrant Student Alliance Club

Contact: Brandon Acuna, President: 

Adviser: Aimee Vaquera:
Meeting Date & Time: Monday, 11am-12pm
Meeting Location: SSC 210A (Bobcat Lounge)
Mission: The Immigrant Student Alliance Club’s mission is to advocate and support all students and community affected by immigration policy at Saddleback College. Though there are many titles that try to confine and define us, such as undocumented, AB540, DACA, Refugees, TPS, Visa and more, we stand in solidarity. We advocate for the success of all students by hosting events to create a community and the development of resources and programs. One of our priorities is to build a community here at Saddleback College so allies are welcome to join. We are dedicated to ensure that all students have equitable opportunities to succeed at Saddleback College.

Interior Design Club  

Contact: Cassandra Jerrems, President:

Adviser: Farida Gabdrakhmanova:
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: Our mission statement is to provide an extension of interior design education by providing and enhancing awareness of current design education requirements and industry trends during monthly club meetings for all students. The benefit of this additional learning environment shall provide helpful information for the future interior designer.

Investing Club

Contact: Leandro Oquendo, President:

Adviser: Jennifer Pakula:
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: The purpose of this organization is to educate members on investing and host discussions about members’ ideas and curiosities about finance & economics.

Iranian-American Society

Contact: Milad Davaran, President:

Adviser: Anthony Szczurek:
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: The Iranian-American Society at Saddleback College is committed to providing a supportive community for Iranian students, and to help aid the seamless integration of new students from Iran into American academic and social life. Our mission is twofold: first, to celebrate and share the vibrant tapestry of Persian/Iranian culture through engaging events, festivals, and educational initiatives. Second, we aim to empower Iranian students, fostering a sense of belonging through mentorship and social gatherings. We strive to be a bridge between cultures, promoting understanding and friendship across diverse communities on campus. Our commitment extends to keeping the campus informed about current events in Iran and advocating for freedom and human rights. By creating a platform for open dialogue and collaboration, we aspire to contribute to a more inclusive, enlightened, and harmonious college environment. The Iranian-American Society is dedicated to nurturing not only academic success but also personal growth, ensuring that all students, irrespective of their background, feel valued and supported at Saddleback College.

Japanese Cultural Enrichment Club 

Contact: Michael Gonzales, President:

Adviser: Christina Ghanbarpour:
Meeting Date & Time: Wednesdays, 3pm-4pm
Meeting Location: SSC 210A (Bobcat Lounge)
Mission: The Japanese Cultural Enrichment Club is a student-run organization located on the Saddleback campus, which strives to create a community in which all students can enrich themselves in the culture found within Japan by furthering their knowledge of Japan's rich history, languages, art, and traditions through fun events and social activities. These events and social activities include: basic language learning, holding traditional workshops (those involving ikebana, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and origami), Playing traditional Japanese games (Shogi, Go, and Mahjong), doing presentations on different Japanese literature eras, art history, and exploring Japanese culinary arts, as well as visiting places such as Little Tokyo, Japanese American National Museum, and the OC Japanese Fair. Having any knowledge relating to the Japanese language or related aspects is not required. Our goal is to create a community where every student can enjoy themselves delving into Japanese culture.

Jazz Club

Contact: Houston Nguyen, President:

Adviser: Joey Sellers:

Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: Our mission is to promote the listening and performance of the American art form of Jazz. The Saddleback Jazz club will host monthly jam sessions, listening parties, and social events with a focus on Jazz music. Whether you are an avid jazz listener, amateur player, gigging professional, or even if you don't know what "Jazz" is, everyone is welcome!

Kids and Coffee Club

Contact: Ivan Serrano, President:

Adviser: Jose Lumbreras:

Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: To help uplift and guide others who need help and at the same time encourage each other to do better.

Ladies of the Film & Media Industry (LoFi) Club

Contact: Rimma Panin, President: 

Adviser: Maria Mayenzet:
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: The purpose of LoFi (Ladies of Film and Media Industry) is to provide the platform, tools, and network for female-identifying (& non-binary) students to flourish within their creative industry! LoFi provides workshops, crew calls, networking & job opportunities, and industry experience for Film, TV, Radio, Podcasting, and more. Join today!

Latter-Day Saints Student Association (LDSSA) Club 

Contact: Maxwell Brewer, President:

Adviser: John Huntington:
Meeting Date & Time: Wednesdays, 10am-12pm
Meeting Location: SSC Quad
MissionThe Latter-day Saint Student Association (LDSSA) is established by the Mission Viejo Institute of Religion to help students attending a college or university have a balanced secular and spiritual educational experience during their years of formal education. 

Literary Society 

Contact: Miles Greenberg, President:

Adviser: Basil Smith:

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant community of students who are interested in reading and discussing meaningful and thought-provoking books. Our club serves as a welcoming and inclusive haven where a wide breadth of perspectives and ideas are celebrated and encouraged.

Multicultural Club 

Contact: Annette Cifuentes, President:

Adviser: Susana Castellanos:
Meeting Date & Time: TBA
Meeting Location: TBA
Mission: The Multicultural Club’s mission is to bring students, faculty and staff from different ethnic backgrounds and cultures together to create an even bigger community. A way to develop new relationships and dip a toe into someone else’s life/culture to gain more knowledge in. A comfortable and safe space to meet to new people and do fun activities with long lasting memories!

Muslim Student Association (MSA) Club 

Contact: Basra Atmar: 

Adviser: Anwar Hijaz:
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club
Mission: The purpose of the MSA is to facilitate a comfortable and welcoming environment for Muslim students of Saddleback College to foster connections and share in the Muslim American experience. We hope to promote community, awareness, and create opportunities for recreation. Through community and awareness, our goal is to create a space in which all those connected to Saddleback College can engage in safe and open dialogue and represent a community dedicated to supporting each other on individual journeys.

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) Club (Faculty-Sponsored)  

Contact: Maryam Jalali, President:  

Adviser: Chris Hargraves:
Meeting Date & Time: Thursdays, 4pm-5pm
Meeting Location: TBD
Mission: The mission of the NSLS is to help people discover and achieve their goals. It offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and communities where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed.

Neurodiversity Union Club 

Contact: Roxas Haze, President: 

Adviser(s): Stacy Eldred:

Heidi Ochoa:
Meeting Date & Time: Fridays, 12-2pm
Meeting Location: SSC 212
Mission: The purpose of this organization is to provide a supportive space for neurodivergent students to meet and be themselves, educate allies on the needs of the neurodivergent community, and advocate for better accessibility in classes and on campus.

*Nutrition Club 


Adviser: Lori Hoolihan:
Meeting Date & Time: Contact Adviser
Meeting Location: Contact Adviser

Phi Theta Kappa Honor (PTK) Society (Faculty-Sponsored)


Contact: Adviser

Adviser: TBD
Meeting Date & Time: TBD
Meeting Location: TBD
Mission: Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) recognizes the academic achievement of college students and provides opportunities for its members to grow as scholars.

Poli Sci & Model United Nations (MUN) Club  


Contact: Nicholas Reese, President:

Adviser: Anthony Szczurek:

Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club

Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The purpose of this organization is to provide a comprehensive educational and opportunity driven experience for students seeking to better understand and engage with the subject of ‘Politics’. ‘Politics’ in this connotation includes but is not limited to Political Theory, U.S. Politics, Foreign Politics, International Relations, Economics and Globalization, and Law. The primary objective of the organization is to foster activities and opportunities, therefore a major portion of the organization's time will be dedicated to such affairs. These activities include group participation in- Political Debates, Congressional Simulations, Political Journalism, Mock Trials, Guest Speaker Events, Field Trips, and most preponderantly Model United Nations events. Participation in activities revolving around Model United Nations warrants the most significant emphasis and allotted time of all organization activities. The providence of opportunities for students is an equally important focus of the organization. These opportunities include assistance in strengthening college applications, acquiring internships, and providing job opportunities to highlight a few. A sense of community and fostering of strong relationships is of the utmost importance to the organization, students participating in the organization are assured to create lasting bonds with their fellow Political Science and Model UN peers through shared community experiences. Students interested in participating in Political Science and Model United Nations at Saddleback College can expect to find a consistently active environment full of enthusiastic, supportive, and fun individuals, who are as enthusiastic about the world of ‘politics’ as they are.

Pre-Health Society  


Contact: Rouja Rezapour, President: 

Adviser: Sam Abbas:

Meeting Date & Time: Every other Wednesday, starting on 1/17/24, @ 4pm

Meeting Location: SCI 113

Contact Club to be added to the notification emails.

Mission: 1. We will inspire a community of future physicians and health professionals through education and advocacy. 2. We will involve its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of medicine and healthcare. 3. We will assist in the improvement and understanding of world health problems. 4. We will enrich medicine through diversity by exploring of variety of perspectives.

Pre-Law Society  


Contact: Mack Healy, President: 

Adviser: Emily Quinlan:

Meeting Date & Time: TBA

Meeting Location: TBA

Mission: Future lawyer? Interested in True Crime? Just want to make some friends and connections? If so, the Pre Law Society is the place for you! We visit local law schools, investigate various criminal cases, and enjoy the drama of law. Anyone is welcome- no matter your legal knowledge.

Prop & Costume Club  


Contact: Charlotte Riesgo, President:

Adviser: Stephen Foster:

Meeting Date & Time: TBA

Meeting Location: TBA

Mission: Connecting student artists interested in the crafts of costume, model, and prop making, building their skillsets, knowledge of materials, techniques and industry standards, preparing them for careers in film television, theatre and other industries of 3D fabrication.

Psi Beta and Psychology Club  


Contact: , President:

Adviser: Jennifer Czerniawski:

Meeting Date & Time: 1st Wednesday of the month, 2pm-3pm

Meeting Location: SSC 210 A (Bobcat Lounge)

Mission: To serve as a means of national recognition of students early interest in and dedication to the field of psychology and scholastic achievement, to provide opportunities to become acquainted with and involved with the larger field of psychology, to provide a forum for developing one's perspective about psychology and for building a sense of community and identity with others in the field, to enhance leadership skills and encourage research, to provide greater opportunity for student/faculty interactions outside of the classroom, to benefit the campus and community through programs and service.

Rainbow Collective Club  


Contact: Sarah Murphy, President:

Adviser: Steve Rosa:

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

MissionThe Rainbow Collective wants to create a safe environment for LGBTQ+ students and allies. By having club meetings, we aim to create a community of students who want to promote acceptance among others while having fun.

Saddleback Veterans Club (Faculty Sponsored)


Contact: Jackie Chen, President:

Adviser: Kolin Williams:

Meeting Date & Time: Thursdays, 12pm

Meeting Location: VETS Center in Gateway Bldg. RM 181

MissionTo provide support to the military affiliated students of Saddleback College with resources, advocacy, and social functions in order to succeed in higher education.

Ski & Snowboard Club


Contact: Kevin Perow, President:

Adviser: Todd Mulzet:

Meeting Date & Time: Wednesdays, 1pm

Meeting Location: Contact Club

MissionThe purpose of this organization is to introduce a unique social atmosphere for students in which they can bond and make memories through a shared interest in the mountains and skiing as well as snowboarding. We want to encourage students coming from all skill levels to join our club as we strive to promote inclusivity even for those that are just getting started. Our club offers discounts on the ikon pass to make trips more affordable and accessible to students and we use online communication to organize and coordinate trips for our members so that all they have to worry about is having fun in the mountains. We also organize a competitive branch of our club that competes in freestyle events and races within USCSA’s southwest regional conference.

Superfriends Club (Faculty Sponsored)


Adviser: Stacy Eldred:

Meeting Date & Time: Contact Club
Meeting Location: Contact Club

Mission: The purpose of Superfriends is to facilitate various social, academic, and service opportunities for Saddleback College students with disabilities. Superfriends aims to prompt interaction amongst students with disabilities and those without such labels as a means of fostering a spirit of collegiality and support within the campus community. Superfriends further seeks to mitigate negative perceptions of students with disabilities by offering students with disabilities opportunities to serve and lead within the community.

Tabletop Club  


Contact: Ryan Yeganegi, President:

Adviser: Lucas Ochoa:

Meeting Date & Time: TBD

Meeting Location: TBD

MissionThe Purpose of the Tabletop Gaming club is to provide a time and place for friends and fellow tabletop gamers to meet up and play their favorite RPGs and board games with new and old friends. We hope to create a healthy and welcoming environment so that people from all walks of life can join in, have fun and relax from the stresses of life.

Walk & Talk Mentoring Club


Adviser: Dustin Bothwell:
Meeting Date & Time: TBD 
Meeting Location: TBD

Mission: The purpose of Walk & Talk Mentoring Club is to create a place of belonging for the students at Saddleback College as well as a place where they can learn and grow in their relationship with God by having a One-on-One Biblical Mentor available.

Waymakers Club

Contact: Caleb Warner, President:

Adviser: Catherine Hayter
Meeting Date & Time: Mondays, 3pm 
Meeting Location: BGS 255

Mission: Our purpose it to provide a community for Christians to gather and study the Bible as well as to provide a safe space for interested seekers to ask questions and explore Christianity.

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