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Student Development Office Hours

SSC 207

Fall & Spring Hours:

M - Th | 9am-5:30pm

F | 9am-3p 

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Fall Semester ends: December 12, 2023

See you next year!

Saddleback Clubs

Student clubs and organizations provide opportunities and experience for students to gain skills in organizing, volunteering, group leadership development, communication, activism, and sharing campus life activities. We consider Student Clubs to be an educational experience and opportunity for students to increase their competencies and leadership skills as well as find a community on campus. 

Start a Club Today!

Email: with any questions about
Club Registration.



Inter-Club Council Meetings

All ICC Members Meeting:

Mandatory Attendance for All Active Clubs


Join us:


in Spring 2024


Inter-Club Council Contact

Senator of ICC: 

Edward McElroy

To Request funding from ICC for your Club please

fill out the form below

If you are interested in joining a club, visit our Active Clubs web page.
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